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—Victory Music Review

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One With Everything On It

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1.Adio Kerida Listen Listen Listen
2.Der Alter Tsigayner Listen Listen Listen
3.Bessaraber Khosidl Listen Listen Listen
4.Lid Fun Titanik Listen Listen Listen
5.Opshpil Far Di Mekhatonim / Freylakh Yidelekh Listen Listen Listen
6.Avram Avinu Listen Listen Listen
7.Los Bilbilikos –or– La Roza Enflorese Listen Listen Listen
8.Just the Way You Look Tonight Listen Listen Listen
9.Tonight from West Side Story Listen Listen Listen
10.Tif Vi Di Nakht Listen Listen Listen
11.Sirba Listen Listen Listen
12.Enjoy Yourself (It's Later Than You Think) Listen Listen Listen

Our Songs

On this recording are some of the remaining Yiddish and Ladino voices of Seattle's Jewish seniors. During Passover of 2006, Sheila Fox and the Kosher Red Hots hosted a Ladino and Yiddish sing-along at the Kline Galland home. The CD weaves live sing-along with studio and field recordings. The studio recordings feature Latin Grammy nominee Jovino Santos Neto, Seattle veteran jazz accordionist Ken Olendorf, violinist and composer Talia Toni Marcus, and Spokane's bass marvel Eugene Jablonsky. Kosher Red Hot clarinetist Liz Dreisbach and Turkish darbuka player Kim Goldov, play on the Ladino jewel Morenika.
Title Windows MediaReal AudioMp3
1.Hopkele Listen Listen Listen
3.Introduction to Tumbalalayke Listen Listen Listen
4.Tumbalalayke Listen Listen Listen
5.Introduction of guest singer Lucy Spring Listen Listen Listen
6.Kuando El Rey Nimrod Listen Listen Listen
7.Introduction of guest singer Leni LaMarche Listen Listen Listen
8.Adio Kerida Listen Listen Listen
9.Introduction of guest singer Cantor Isaac Azose Listen Listen Listen
10.Yo Me Akodro D'Akeya Noche Listen Listen Listen
11.Oyfn Pripetshik Listen Listen Listen
12.Oyfn Pripetshik Listen Listen Listen
13.Introduction of guest singer Rena Russak    
14.Introduction to Sunnyside of the Street Listen Listen Listen
15.On the Sunnyside of the Street Listen Listen Listen
16.Bay Mir Bistu Sheyn    
17.Pasharo D'Hermozura/Terkishe Yale V'Yove Tantz    
20.Durme Listen Listen Listen
21.Introduction of guest singer Frank Krasnowsky    
22.Shlof Zikh Mayn Tayere Zunele    
23.A La Una Yo Nasi    
24.Introduction to Abi Gezunt    
25.Abi Gezunt    
26.Introduction to Havenu Shalom Alechem    
27.Havenu Shalom Alechem    
28.Thank yous, Havenu Shalom Alechem    

Klezmer Music

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1.Der Glater Bulgar Listen Listen Listen
2.Abi Gezunt Listen Listen Listen
3.Yiboneh · Moishe Emet Listen Listen Listen
4.Unter di Poylishe Grininke Beymelekh Listen Listen Listen
5.Der Terk in America Listen Listen Listen
6.Der Rebe Elimeylekh Listen Listen Listen